Hipster in stone

And just when you thought you’ve seen it all, there is French photographer Léo Caillard with “Hipsters in stone”. A simple concept (dress up ancient statues) but what an great execution!
Visit his website for the complete series, and take a minute discover his other work as well.

About Léo Caillard (from his website): Overlapping photography, technology, and imagination, his meticulously crafted images combine a delicate intertwining of the new and the historic. Caillard invites us to rediscover & question our social environment with a lightness of touch, humour & sensitivity.

Inspired? This is the way Caillard worked his magic (as read on resourcemagonline.com): Caillard started by shooting the statues from afar. He then casted the appropriate models with matching physiques of the Greek Agora sculptures, dressed them in contemporary hipster clothing and shot their elegant stances in a studio space. The lights, of course, were adjusted accordingly to recreate the museum’s spotlight conditions. Through this rather strenuous process, Caillard arrived at the first raw shot of his imagination. Once the detailed shooting came to a close, all the images were sent off to Persani for post-production work for a second round of dreadful clicking.


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