How to survive a creative block. 5 easy but life changing tips

Creativity is a strange thing. One day you’re bursting with ideas, other days it is The Big Void, and you’re stuck wondering what’s wrong and ‘if you completely lost it’. On the internet, you’ll find a massive amount of tips&tricks how to boost your creativity. These I find the most helpful… Maybe they’ll work for you too? 🙂

Restrict yourself
Force yourself to work within strict limitations. For example: trying to explain something using only 250 words and a visual. Your brain will come up with pretty amazing workarounds.

360° view
Don’t try to rush to the solution to your problem, but sit back and examine the problem in different ways. Try to re-conceptualize the problem. Tackle it from a different angle than the obvious one.

Step back
Take a step back. Handle the problem as if it isn’t yours. Create a (psychological) distance. It will make the problem more accessible. It’s like giving love advice: it’s always easier when you’re not personally involved.

Staring at your screen won’t help you when you have a creative block. Exercise is important for creativity. Get your heart pumping. Move! It gives you fresh energy and puts you in a positive mood. You will see solutions much quicker.

Be inspired by the absurd
Our mind is constantly trying to make sense. Confronted with absurd things, it goes in overdrive, trying to work out what’s happening. So, if absurd situations tickle the brain, what more excuses do you need to watch a bit of Monty Python next time you’re stuck?

Good luck! Enjoy your next creative block!


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