Summer fun

When we’re not working at Artoos|Hayez, we take on our other job: being fabulous moms/ dads/ aunties/ uncles/… 🙂  Especially during the summer holidays, we’re sharing cool ideas to keep the kids busy in a creative way. We might as well share some easy & fun stuff with you!

We’re in love with this book: Hirameki – Draw what you see, by Peng+Hu.
“Every blot’s an inspiration. Every line is free. Unlock your imagination. Draw what you see Hirameki – ‘brainwave’ or ‘flash of inspiration’ in Japanese – is where doodling and imagination come together. Simply put, it’s the art of turning a random blot into something amazing, just by adding a few dots and lines.”
You can do the same with fingerprints as well, as seen in Ed Emberley’s Complete FunPrint Drawing Book:
Definitely something to try this summer!

This is also fun: shadow pictures to take on the beach (as seen on

There’s something with kids & sticks… What to do with the collection? Paint them, turn them into a beautiful walking stick, or build a raft to play with.


And one for the girls: a paper/cardboard necklace (must be inspired by the fantastic Isabelle de Borchgrave!)
the blue closet

What are you crafting this summer? Share your ideas with us!


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