Slow printing

The Plantin-Moretus Museum (a UNESCO World Heritage site) in Antwerp got a complete makeover and reopened only recently.

To announce the forthcoming opening, analog print factory Kastaar built two “printing bikes” – unique mobile printing presses. In the weeks before the reopening of the museum, the bikes showed up at events in Antwerp to hand print posters for people passing by.
And the collaboration with the museum hasn’t stopped since it reopened. Kastaar also designed and printed its own ‘product line’ for the museum shop. They selected some of the original 16th century wood block illustrations from the archive, and combined these with modern elements. They printed new postcards, coasters, seed bags, notebooks, calendars, bookmarks, aprons and a lot of small cards with typography… An additional reason to visit the museum AND its shop – if you ask me!

Take a look at the works of Kastaar and get to know the people behind it.


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