This blog is irregularly fed by co-workers of the graphic design studio of Artoos|Hayez. This is the place where we share stuff that inspires us: all kind of artwork, graphic design, fun stuff and green things > it happens to be that our boss is really into sustainability so we kind of got contaminated by his green fixation as well. No regrets there whatsoever. We’re actually quite proud to be a climate neutral (ZERO EMISSION!) company. Since 2010 already. Whoop whoop!

If you want to know what all this inspiration leads to, contact Peter (he’s our creative director, but a former sales manager persistently introduced him as “the studio master” – hilarious!). Peter will be happy to tell you what we’re capable of. He’ll do that in a friendly and businessy way (well, businessier than this blog anyway).

If you want to get to know our company Artoos|Hayez, visit our website or check these quick facts:

  • Artoos|Hayez is much more than a graphic design studio. In fact, the studio is only a tiny part of our company (OK, that one was hard to admit)… but hey we’re the only one with a blog! Ah ah! :p
  • We’re a graphic company offering all thinkable corporate and marketing communication services: design, printing (digital & offset), finishing, logistic services, fulfillment, automation, …
  • Our company consists of 200 hard-working, fun-loving, very nice people. Sometimes they happen to wear the same outfit and than we do this.

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